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Arizona Tile and Stone Specialist

We have been proudly serving the valley since 2001 and with well over a million sq. feet under our belt we are one of Arizona’s true specialty companies. When it comes to Tile Cleaning, Grout Cleaning or Travertine Cleaning you can trust your flooring is in good hands.

Welcome to

Arizona Tile and Stone Specialist

We have been proudly serving the valley since 2001 and with well over a million sq. feet under our belt we are one of Arizona’s true specialty companies. When it comes to Tile Cleaning, Grout Cleaning or Travertine Cleaning you can trust your flooring is in good hands.

We offer deep clean and sanitizing services for flooring, carpets, countertops, showers, and furniture. In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, our technicians are working tirelessly to sanitize homes and commercial buildings around our state and would like to extend our services to you. We are a top-rated, family-owned, company that has been serving the people of Arizona since 2001. All of our technicians have Level II Contractors’ Security Clearance and are lead by our Operations Manager, who has more than 25 years of experience in the field. We are excellent at what we do, and we want to help.
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    Our Services

    We offer a wide variety of services including Tile Cleaning, Tile Sealing, Grout Cleaning, Grout Sealing, Grout Color Sealing, Travertine Cleaning, Travertine Sealing, Travertine Honing, Travertine Polishing, Marble Cleaning, Marble Sealing, Marble Polishing, Granite Cleaning, Granite Sealing and Granite Polishing. We also provide services on Slate, Flagstone, Pavers and Concrete.


    We offer the best professional tile and grout cleaning in Phoenix with multiple approaches. Our tile and grout cleaning services include an alkaline cleaning, acid wash cleaning and a dual process cleaning.

    For all types of cleaning we use our state of the art tile and grout cleaning machines that are truck mounted. Our truck mount machines use 220 degree water at 1200 psi allowing our SX-15’s to blast dirt out of your grout.

    For all cleaning process we follow a specific process:
    FIRST we assess the tile and grout to find any possible problem areas.

    SECOND we select the best cleaning process to remove the most amount of dirt from your tile and grout and then we spray the cleaner down to loosen the dirt.

    THIRD we scrub all grout lines ensuring proper agitation to lift the dirt. Last we use the SX-15 to rinse and extract all water and chemicals providing the best cleaning.


    We use only the best grout sealers on the market.

    First we have our Hybrid Solvent penetrating sealer, this sealer is a clear sealer that we apply by hand.

    The Hybrid Solvent sealer absorbs into the grout lines clogging the pours and helping prevent from staining and discoloration, it also comes with a warranty. Second you have our Color Sealers.

    We apply the Color Sealers by hand as well. The Color seal is the best option to ensure that all your grout lines are one color. This sealer has a color pigment mixed in and while we apply it the color seal penetrates into the grout clogging the pours and staining the grout one uniform color. This sealer also comes with a warranty and prevents from staining and discoloration.

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    When it comes to Travertine and Marble Cleaning we are the leaders. As a specialty company we know all the proper Travertine Cleaning solutions.

    For Travertine and Marble Cleaning we follow a specific cleaning process.

    First we inspect the stone to find any problem areas. Then we spray the stone with our stone safe cleaner on both the stone and the grout and then scrub the grout lines to lift and remove the dirt, if needed we will scrub the flooring with our rotary scrubber also.

    Last we remove all chemicals and water with our Travertine Cleaning Machine that is truck mounted. The SX-15 uses 220 degree water at 1200 psi to really blast and extract all dirt form the stone.


    We use the best Travertine Sealer and Marble Sealers on the market.

    Our Hybrid Solvent Stone sealer is the best impregnating sealer for Travertine and Marble. The large molecular structure protects the hard to seal porous nature of Travertine and Marble.

    It offers a superior protection to staining of oil and water based staining. Our travertine cleaning and sealing process is guaranteed to leave your stones looking beautiful and dirt free.


    Is your Travertine or Marble looking dull and is lacking that natural beauty and shine, if yes we are the company for you. We are the leaders in restoring Travertine and Marble with multiple processes that we use.

    We have a process called Honing to remove etch marks and scratches by removing a layer of the stone. Travertine Honing can achieve many different finishes such as a matte finish, satin finish or a semi gloss finish.

    If you are looking for that high gloss look that Travertine and Marble are known for we have a few Travertine Polishing and Marble Polishing options for you. We use Travertine polishing pads, Travertine polishing compounds and Travertine polishing powders.

    Each Travertine tile and Marble tile is different and we know how to identify which Travertine Polishing or Marble Polishing system will work

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    Our Shower Cleaning process is very effective in removing the grime, discoloration and soap scum that builds up throughout the years.

    First we spray all the walls and floor with our cleaning solution, it then dwells and breaks down the soap scum.

    Second we use our shower tool that is attached to the truck mounted unit, it will spray at 1000 psi and the water heats to 220 degrees thoroughly  cleaning the entire surface.

    The final step we will dry out the shower and apply the desired sealer.


    We use our best impregnating sealer for Travertine and Marble. The large molecular structure protects the hard to seal porous nature of Travertine and Marble.

    It offers a superior protection to staining of oil and water based staining even on the grout of ceramic or porcelain showers.

    For ceramic and porcelain showers we can use our Color Seals on the grout, this sealer is a penetrating sealer with a color pigment.

    Color Sealing is the only way to guarantee the grout in ceramic or porcelain showers to be one uniform color.


    We have all the knowledge and proper materials to correctly remove caulking and re-caulk your showers.

    We use 2 different  products, one is  called sanded caulking that have color pigments in them to really blend with the grout in your shower. The other is a white or colored smooth caulking to blend as well


    If you have a natural stone shower, such as Travertine, Marble, Granite, Limestone or even a Slate shower we can help bring the natural beauty back.

    All these stones can over time lack luster. We can bring them back to life by adding a natural sheen to them and remove etch marks and scratches.

    Honing is great for removing the top layer of stones helping to remove etch marks and scratches that occur over time, it can also achieve a matte, satin or semi gloss finish.

    With our polishing compounds, polishing pads and polishing powders we can bring your stones to a high gloss shine.


    Our Countertop Cleaning process will bring life back to your Granite or Marble. We use a special Stone Scrub formulated to remove harsh water deposits and grime.

    We start by cleaning all debris from the surface and use a citrus based cleaner which removes a lot of the junk from Arizona’s water that penetrates the stone.

    Our final step we will rinse the entire surface and remove any hard water left behind by hand.


    Our Granite impregnating sealer is a hybrid solvent based deep penetrating sealer for dense stones,

    It protects against water and oil based stains. It is currently the most advanced technology for sealing and protecting from stains for Granite and Marble.

    Our sealers help keep your countertop clean and resist from food and liquids absorbing into the stone.


    Countertops always look their absolute best when they have that high shine to them.

    We use multiple processes when it comes to polishing a granite and marble countertops.

    From our polishing powders to our polishing pads to our polishing compounds, which ever is best for your countertop we can do. We can guarantee that lack luster countertop will be shining again with one of our polishing processes.

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    We clean Travertine Paver and Brick Pavers almost the same way we clean Travertine Tile, we start by spraying the  Pavers with a stone safe soap and agitate it with a rotary scrubber.

    We then use our truckmounted unit to power was the Paver Clean, leaving the surface ready for a good outdoor sealer.


    We use 2 types of outdoor sealers, one is a penetrating hybrid solvent formulated to protect the Travertine and Brick paver from the outdoor element and other elements like salt water from your pool.

    The second we use is a solid solvent based sealer that is designed to give the Travertine and Brick Paver a wet look while giving it a maximum protection from all elements.


    Travertine Pavers are really nice but need to be maintained regularly or they can take a lot of damage from the outside elements.

    But the nice thing about Travertine is it can almost always be restored back to new condition, we do this by Honing the Travertine to remove those years of damage giving a fresh new look

    We can also Polish the Travertine just like you can indoors if you desire a high shine.

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    I would like to Thank Cody and Chris for the amazing job they did on our floor last month, it looks so beautiful. Very happy they took the time to show us the Color Seal, what a difference.

    Susan – Chandler AZ

    They recovered a travertine floor I had damaged. They were professional and prompt. The price was better than the best known competitor and the work was excellent.

    Christopher – Scottsdale AZ

    Great service, very helpful…gave me options of how I could have my floor polished and even did a test area to show me the differences…very personable, punctual and the floor look great when they were done. Would definitely recommend them

    Stewart – Phoenix AZ

    VERY pleased with the job done by this company. WE bought the house a year and a half ago and I never felt  as though I could get the floors clean. This company did an excellent job. Cody was very professional and helpful for future care of the floors. I will use them again!

    Sherrill – Phoenix AZ

    We had previously had our floors polished by another company that had told us they were the only company that could get a high polish, Cody and his crew proved them wrong. Our floors have never looked so good.Arizona Tile & Stone Specialist

    Bob – Chandler AZ

    You guys saved the day! And I’m so happy with the job you did! I allowed my ceramic tile to mistakenly sealed by another company and felt helpless with the outcome and I can’t believe I lived with such terrible looking floors for so long. Lesson learned….DON’T ever let anyone put sealer on your tile! But if you do call Arizona Tile and Stone Specialist

    Kimberly – Phoenix AZ

    We have used their services twice and have been very pleased. We have tumbled travertine in the kitchen that gets heavy traffic and it looks so much better after the cleaning!

    Trisa – Scottsdale AZ

    The AT&S team did a marvelous job on our travertine floors. I look forward to having them back to do their good work.

    Kathleen – Scottsdale AZ

    Some of Our Work

    Tile Cleaning and Grout Color Sealing

    The Tile and Grout here was in a commercial building and was in bad shape, it was originally black grout that turned chaulky white over the years. We did a Acid Wash and Color Seal to bring it back to new condition.

    Tile Cleaning
    Grout Cleaning
    Travertine Cleaning, Sealing and Travertine Polishing

    This Travertine Tile had alot of wear in all the traffic areas so we Cleaned it, Honed the entire floor with 400, 800 and 3000 grit pads. The final step we polished it with a polishing powder to give it a deep lasting shine.

    Travertine Tile Cleaning
    Travertine Tile Polishing Scottsdale
    Travertine Cleaning and Travertine Polishing

    This Travertine Tile was a new install, the customer didn’t like the haze it had and the incconsitant look. So we came in did a quick clean and Polished with a polishing powder to achieve a uniformed look.

    Travertine Cleaning Services
    Travertine Cleaning Services phoenix
    Tile and Grout Cleaning and Color Sealing

    Tile and Grout flooring where the grout was black and in bad shape, we Acid Washed it and Color Sealed the grout to get all the grout lines to one color overall.

    Tile and Grout Cleaning Chandler
    Grout Color Sealing
    Marble Cleaning and Marble Polishing

    Homeowner called because this Marble Countertop had extreme etching and damage, We had to Hone the Marble with 8 different diamond disc and finish it with a Marble Polishing Powder.

    Granite Cleaning
    Granite Polishing
    Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing

    This Tile and Grout job was very dirty, we had to Clean the Tile and the Acid wash both Tile and Grout, then we applied a Color Sealer to make this floor look like it was just installed.

    Tile Cleaning Phoenix
    Tile Cleaning and Sealing
    Granite Wall Cleaning and Sealing

    A Granite wall this years of damage from both nature and water, we ended up Honing the entire wall with diamond disc to remove the years of build up. We then applied an enhancing sealer to deepen the color and give it maximum protection

    Tile Cleaning
    Marble Cleaning Chandler
    Marble Cleaning, Sealing and Marble Polishing

    This Marble flooring was really nice and just lost it luster, we Cleaned the Marble and then Polished it with a Marble Polishing Powder to bring back the deep high shine Marble is known for

    Marble Cleaning Scottsdale
    Marble Polishing